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Even Lower Mortgage Rates. Time to Review Your Mortgage Payment.

Holiday starsI hope this message finds you healthy and surviving these strange times. This is just a quick note to remind you that this is a great time to re-look at your home finances. Mortgage rates have come down to surprisingly low levels. Significantly lower than earlier this year.

If you have a rate on a current mortgage that is 3.5% or higher, you need to review refinancing options that could save $2500 or more a year. Over the life of the loan that could add up to tens of thousands of dollars.

Need cash? I’ve been refinancing clients who have taken tens of thousands of dollars out of their home equity and are still paying less a month than they were with their old loan.

Money is cheap right now 2% – 2.5% for conforming loans. If you are paying high credit card debt or need funds for remodeling, this is the best time to get those funds. I don’t see rates going significantly lower. And, once the economy recovers, or there is the perception that it will, rates will rise.

Even if you are talking with a lender about refinancing, please give me a call, I can probably save you more with less stress.

Purchasing a home? Check with me to see what you can qualify for. It’s surprising what you can afford with lower rates. Home prices will continue to rise next year (3-5%) and this is a great time to get a home before prices rise further.

It is personally gratifying that I could help so many people reduce their mortgage payments with amazingly low rates. Thank you so much for your trust and support this year.

To everyone, have a most enjoyable holiday and a bright new year.

David Kutner,
The Friendly Lender

Friendly mortgage lender
Friendly mortgage lender
My clientele can attest to my reputation as a reliable and approachable advisor dedicated to serving your best interests.
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