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Insurance Check-up

UmbrellaFor Renters – Did you know:

  • Rental property owners carry insurance for property damage, but this does not cover damage or theft of your personal property.
  • A renter’s policy covers this, and can even cover loss of personal items while traveling.
  • Renter’s insurance can also cover medical and legal expenses for accidents on your premises.

For Homeowners – Did you know:

  • You might not have full coverage for damage. Check that your coverage will handle any increase in the cost to rebuild your home should there be damage.
  • Most policies have very limited coverage for valuable items (jewelry, cameras, electronics), unless they are specifically insured. Check to see that you have the coverage you need for these items.

Check with your insurance agent. Or if you don’t have one, I’d be happy to refer you to a local professional I use.

Friendly mortgage lender
Friendly mortgage lender
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